Sash and Case Windows

 Specialist Joinery

Sash & Case Windows by G20 Joinery We offer different levels of service and renewal of sash and case windows. Firstly we can service your existing sash and case and restore them to their former glory. Secondly we can service the windows as above but then draught-proof the sashes using modern encapsulation seals, to not only improve their movement but to eradicate the draughts that sash and case windows are renowned for. And finally if you need replacement sash and case windows, such as double glazed or triple glazed, we can make them to exactly the same specification as the existing windows or improve them using modern day insulation, draught excluding and glazing techniques. We use only the best quality materials for your window manufacture. All double and triple glazed windows we supply are manufactured with low e glass.

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Staircases by G20 Joinery When you are planning on having your house remodelled or restored the staircase is often overlooked until the last moment. Why not pause and think how you would like to see your own custom designed and built bespoke staircase. Timber Panelled Hallways by G20 Joinery The first thing that welcomes you into your home at the end of the day. Take time to enjoy the embrace of a quality panelled finish in your entrance hallway that guides you from room to room incorporating the existing designs and mouldings from your own home. You could even change the style to give your hallway that personal touch.